Friday, July 12, 2013

ditching blogger's dynamic views

not all they're cracked up to be

After starting this blog with the new Dynamic Views blogger offers, I've decided to go back to the classic templates.

Oddly enough, the sobering reality that they weren't for me happened when I tried to direct a colleague towards my blog for an answer to a question. Trying to explain where to click and how to navigate was surprisingly non-intuitive, whereas the classic template is sort of the model most blogs follow. They're straightforward, easy to navigate, and lightweight.

Another reason for reverting was Github Gists. While you can shoehorn them into blogs using Dynamic Views using JavaScript others have written to consume specially crafted code tags, I'd rather just use the direct links Github provides.

The other views that Dynamic Views offer didn't really do much for me or the blog either. Most of the views are largely inapplicable to a technical blog, and just add a layer of complication that's unnecessary. While I could see value in using them for other non-technical blogs, I think they're a poor fit for blogs heavy on text rather than images.

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